Freshwater Team Member

quick sketch

Freshwater Creative's Edmonton bureau chief. Multi-disciplinarian, multi- award winner. Sadly, poor speller. Incredibly versatile. Superhero efforts often displayed when responding to client needs. Every communication challenge is unique. So is Jeremy.

Life so far:

Theatre school, missing year, graphic artist, animator, director, editor, and multi video award winner. Proud father of two beautiful little (but alarmingly fast growing) girls.

Working On:

Home renos (5 years into 10 year plan).Goalie Skills (38 year old rookie but the dream is still alive). The garden. Collecting rocks for said garden. Wake surfing.

Given Up On:

Guitar virtuosity, (happy with hacking), spelling bee superstar status, the Eskies. Zone four plants. Ironing.

Working on:

Creative vision, excellent editing, wicked writing, slightly rumpled appearance (despite the promises of wrinkle free fabric) sharp eye, dry wit, and warm heart.

Learn More:

Visit Freshwater Creative Corp. Phone 403 205 4435. Send an email.

Jeremy is a renaissance man, editing, creating graphics, directing, writing and producing truly inspiring programming.

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